How to Install

Removal of the Expression System

The Expression System is a somewhat complicated and delicate system. We recommend taking your guitar to an authorized Taylor Warranty person for proper removal, especially if you intend to try and save it for potential later use.

The tough part of the removal consists of two stages:

a. The top sensors...These are fragile, and need to be very gently pried loose from the top.

b. The embedded humbucking coil...To truly remove this, the neck needs to be removed. To simplify things, it can be unplugged from the pre-amp, coiled up, and stuck to the side of the guitar cleanly. Also, if ones plan of removal is more permanent, the wire can be cut as close to the point where it enters the underside of the neck pocket.

The TruPlug™

The TruPlug installs in place of the Expression System preamp controls.

Clean the inside wood surface with denatured alcohol, as well as the ledge surface of the TruPlug.

Peel back the top layer on the VHB tape, align the plugs from the inside, and press into place. Be careful to support the side of the guitar from the outside when pressing the plugs into place to avoid cracking the wood.

The End Ports

Each Taylor has either a 9V or AA power supply. Installation is the same.

Again, clean both surfaces with denatured alcohol, being very careful not to get any on the guitars finish.

Peel back the top layer on the VHB tape, and press the EndPort firmly into place. Use the existing screws left from the Taylor power supply to ensure the final mechanical attachment.


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