What is TruPlug?

What does it do?
Simply put, the TruPlug™ System provides an alternative.

There are a lot of wonderful products available for acoustic guitar amplification, and with the TruPlug, customers now have the power to choose.

Who is it for?
For the customer that has wanted to try a different method for acoustic amplification, but didn’t want to have to sell their Taylor Guitar to do so.

People form strong bonds with instruments, and now they can not only keep the Taylor they fell in love with in the store, but modify it to suit their individual tastes.

Key Benefits/Features:
Use of the TruPlug system will not void your Taylor Warranty. No drilling or modifying is necessary. You can keep your Taylor Expression System, and reinstall later if selling the guitar becomes necessary.

Up until now, the only solution for Taylor owners wanting to try other forms of acoustic amplification was to sell your guitar and buy a new Taylor without a pickup, then have whatever pickup you want installed. By doing this, not only do you lose money on the sale, but then you still have to shop for a new guitar, buy the pickup, and have it installed. What about customers who don’t want to sell their guitar? With the TruPlug System, you can now keep the guitar you’ve already forged a bond with, and install the pickup of choice.

Incredibly easy installation. See here.

The perfect blend of form and functionality. It does what it’s supposed to do, and looks great while doing it.

The TruPlug doesn’t just plug the holes, it simultaneously inhibits the loss of sound and energy that would normally escape through the ports if left open. Also, it prevents possible damage to the finish and the wood that could incur if the holes were left open.

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